Want to buy a Nuclear bunker?

It is "one of the last and most technologically advanced Bunkers ever built", and now the two floor bunker is up for sale...and who wouldn't want it! Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker once housed a BBC studio, and has over 50 rooms and space for up to 150 people, though apparently, it isn't as secure as it could be, having being broken into last August. The site itself used to be a PoW camp before being used as a training centre and a Nuclear monitoring site before having a bunker built in the early 1990's - just in time for the end of the Cold War. bunker With a guide price of just £200,000 Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker looks to be a bargain, especially when you consider that it cost £30 million to build! insidebunker If you'd like to donate it to a bewildered techie, do get in touch!