2012-11-16 16.01.10

OB engineer supporting BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio 5 Live during the PCC election counts.

For over six years I have been a Broadcast Assistant with the BBC in Hull and other local radio stations. I have a wealth of experience in working on live events and outside broadcasts. I started my work at the BBC working with the BBC Big Screen in Hull, rigging and staffing events including; world cup coverage, live Opera House relays, BBC Headroom, interactive games days and many more. I regularly technical produce multi-location outside broadcasts including weekly "Saturday Sport" programmes. I am fully trained with ENPS, Radioman (to superuser level), Davina, iPNG, Phonebox, Calrec studio desks, CPS, Radioman, Quick Edit Pro, and most other standard BBC desktop software packages. I am also a radiocar greencard holder.