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Share your successes!

Many Facebook Page owners spend time wondering what they should be updating their customers about, but forget something as simple as telling your followers what you have done well. If you remember that people like to “belong” to a brand it doesn’t take a genius to realise that people want to be associated with a successful brand – and what…

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Do you like pizza?

OK, so that’s a silly question, everybody likes Pizza! Something that crops up all too frequently on Facebook are requests for you to “press like if you like …”. Sometimes it’s pizza, others it’s doughnuts or a picture of a cat. But what does it say about the company? Well, not a lot if anything really, other than that the…

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Social media requires effort

Once upon a time many companies had thought about using social media but questioned whether it was really worth the time or the effort. Well, that ship has long since sailed and having a pro-active social media strategy is a must for any business. The simple truth is, that everybody is doing it – even the older generations are in…

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