Pine Cone Power!

It's one of the most practical and multi-purpose gadgets I've seen for a long time, so allow me to introduce to you, the Biolite Camping stove!

Biolite stove

It's a cool little camping stove that is powered by biomass fuel - so things like pine cones and wood - rather than gas or coal. Where things get interesting though, is that whilst it can bring a kettle to the boil in just over 4 minutes, and has an optional steak grill, it also houses a small thermoelectric generator allowing you to charge your USB powered gadgets whilst cooking!

cook steak and charge

The Biolite is a really well thought out little gizmo - it's stable and sturdy, the legs and underside don't get hot making it safe for wooden tables and grass. It has a two-speed fan that makes the fire more efficient, and it generally feels like a really well made product - oh yes, and it charges your gadgets at the same time as making a cup of tea or cooking your food!

2013-08-09 13.32.24