Live from…100 feet underground

I spent most of yesterday working on a special BBC Radio Humberside outside broadcast from inside an underground nuclear bunker. RAF Holmpton is only a few miles up the road from me and is a fascinating place that only recently stopped being used by the MoD. RAF Holmpton OB Our OB involved miles of cable to link up our 'base' in the bunkers' command room to the radio car on the surface, and for internet access which enabled us to add videos and pictures to the BBC iPlayer Radio site during the programme.
BBC Radio Humberside OB van at RAF Holmpton

BBC Radio Humberside's radio car at RAF Holmpton.


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We believe it's the first time a full three hour outside broadcast has been done from a nuclear bunker. Listen to the full programme here for the next 30 days, or catch the highlights anytime.